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Damian the Gardevoir bio-ref by The-Clockwork-Crow Damian the Gardevoir bio-ref by The-Clockwork-Crow
Been meaning to make a bio and ref sheet for my Gardevoir, Damian. I also might make some kind of story about him-finally, like I've been meaning to.

Name: Damien
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Male
Orientation/preference: Males
Level: 42
Likes: Spicy ramen, big strong masculine Pokemon who have a kind and gentle side, tea, occasionally beer (when his trainer Malcom's not looking)
Dislikes: Rude trainers and Pokemon, when he is disturbed while he's in the middle of something, when trainers assume he's female JUST because he happens to be a Gardevoir,
Personality: Serious, somewhat vain, does not enjoy speaking unless he needs to and it's usually some form of minor insult
Extra Info:
- Damian learned to speak human thanks to the fact Malcom has some psychic abilities and had developed a pyschic connection with Damian early on.
- Damian is kind of parenting a baby Riolu at the moment named Walker. While his trainer Malcom hatched the egg, the baby's first sight was the Gardevoir himself, and has refused to leave Damian's side since. Damian while reluctant at first has formed a close attachment to the baby Pokemon as well.
Bio: Damian was once a happy, careless baby Ralts with his mother and father Gardevoirs, until one fateful night a wild Dark Pokemon attacked and killed them both. It would have also killed Damian too if not for the fact he used tellaport at the last second-taking his father's chest spike, which broke off during the ensuing brawl, with him.
Lost, scared and alone, the little Ralts wandered through the forests for days, still clinging onto the last remnant of his family, all the while unsure of how to survive on his own, or even find food-until the smell of fresh Poffins caught his attention. It so happened the Poffins were in a bag belonging to Malcom, who was still a young beginning trainer at the time just setting out on his journey. Damian tried stealing the Poffins but was caught-literally, and well-the rest is history. Granted they didn't get along at first because of that, but Damian and Malcom soon became fast friends and partners in battle.
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January 30, 2011
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