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Alright pasta eaters, I have another eerie tale for you all. I'm sure some of you are familiar with my work regarding music and sound editing-some minor tweaking really, like the cries I've made for my creepypasta Charon, or editing of the reverse of the Lavender Town theme. I always thought that playing with these kinds of sounds was, while spooky was really harmless. I'm going to tell you right now, I was wrong.

I'm in fact very fond of Lavender Town's song and the story behind it. I like finding different remixes for it online, and have wanted to do my own remix. I use a program called Garage Band-a program that usually comes standard for macs- to do a lot of my sound and music remixes, and I remembered that when imported, midi files break apart into separate instrument tracks one can play with and manipulate to their whim.

I decided to look for a midi for Lavender Town's theme-not exactly the official theme or even the famous 'Lavender Town Tune', just something I can play with and see if I can make as eerie as possible. All went well for awhile, I replaced the track instruments one by one to create different effects on sound-there were three tracks in total. When I got to the third track though, the high irritating whine track that's fairly faint in the song, I wanted to do something special with it-give it a real sense of dread.

I tried looking for a suitable instrument that had just the sound I wanted, and when I was satisfied I'd found it, I let it play to hear my creation. The song didn't get far at all actually, as suddenly right before I could hear it, there was a very loud, startling 'SNAP!' Keep in mind, I'm wearing headphones the whole time, so the noise so close to my ears startled me. The song continued playing for a couple seconds, but there was no sound. I paused it, worried my headphones had blown out before trying again-this time it worked but I had a sense of uneasiness and decided to save and turn the program off.

After that I've since decided to just stop playing with the track altogether, declaring the damn song officially haunted. I laugh at the incident now, but I still can't shake this uneasiness inside...¦ Almost to a point I'm kind of, nauseous in fact.

Another true story Creepypasta~
Enjoy c:
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April 5, 2011
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