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October 18, 2012
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1/5/14 - FINAL UPDATE! I have added as much as I could, some new tops, accessories, hairstyles and so on, feel free to play around with it. I even added Evil Team Organization Uniforms! Otherwise I am not adding anything more! Please if there's something you want but it isn't in the maker, edit it in yourself!

4/19/13 - I added even MORE options, mess around with it to see what they are. ALSO OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT ELSE TO ADD

4/17/13 - Went and added a bit more to this, mostly some new hairstyles, eyestyles, a couple mouths and some clothing options. I -do- kind of want to add more however. I'm allowing comments again to take suggestions below.

An updated version of my old Gardevoir Maker/Dressup

Added a fair bit more to customizability for your gardevoir character, and then some.
Old rules still apply though

- You are permitted to post your Gardevoir on DA so long as you provide credit and link back.
- You are permitted to edit your Gardevoir further in any image editing programs, like Photoshop, Paint, etc.
- You are permitted to make point adopts of any Gardevoirs you make, as long as you CREDIT AND LINK BACK!

Music is royalty-free
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